Injured Workers and Motor Vehicle Accident Clients

We are a specialty independent pharmacy, providing home delivery of prescription medication to your worker’s compensation and motor vehicle accident patients. We not only aid our clients in navigating the red tape of a worker’s compensation or automobile claim, but we also help ease the burden on you and your practice by working with insurance carriers to collect payment on claims.

You know how frustrating a workplace or automobile injury case can be for a victim. Imagine being able to offer your patients a simplified and hassle-free process that guarantees delivery of important medications despite claim denials or pending litigation. Imagine your patients have access to the prescriptions they need with no out-of-pocket expenses. When you choose WIRX Pharmacy, you can provide all of that and more, so that your patients can focus on what matters most – their wellbeing.

What to Expect

We are not a traditional pharmacy. WIRX Pharmacy opens the channels of communication between you, our team, the insurance company, and any legal advisors involved in the claims process. Patients will not have to wait for settlement to have access to the medications they need – even in the most challenging and complex of circumstances.

Our goal is to ensure your patients receive the utmost in care and are able to adhere to your treatment plan without interruption. You can expect the WIRX team to remove the burden of frustrating phone calls and follow-up with the insurance carrier. This not only provides support to the patient, but also administrative relief to you and your practice. We also make it simple to submit prescriptions to our pharmacy through mail, fax, or escribe.

For more information about our pharmacy-to-door delivery services and the ways WIRX Pharmacy can help your practice run smoother, contact our office today. We look forward to serving you soon.