Our mission is to simplify, automate and expedite prescriptions for injured workers

A Different Kind of Pharmacy

We know how complex a work injury can be and how difficult it can be to navigate the red tape surrounding your workman’s compensation and motor vehicle claim. From legal matters to insurance frustrations, sometimes uncertainty can cloud your healing and recovery. When you are hurt or sick and already coping with doubts about your future employment and financial security, the last thing you need to worry with is how you will obtain your prescriptions.

WIRX Pharmacy is a different kind of pharmacy. We envision a world where our clients can focus on getting well without an unnecessary struggle with their workers compensation insurance carriers. Since every case is different, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we have an entire team of people who come to work each day with the goal of making your life easier. Our staff is here to unravel all of the details surrounding your situation and facilitate better communication between our team, your doctor, your insurance carrier, and your legal counsel.

Innovative Pharmacy Solutions

When you are the victim of a workplace or a motor vehicle accident, everything you know about your financial circumstance and health is upended. WIRX wants to uncomplicated your life and contribute to improved long-term outcomes.

Our unique pharmacy team is unlike any other, specifically dedicated to working with workers’ compensation and auto claims. We understand the laws that surround your case and stand in the gap on your behalf to ensure you have access to the smooth recovery experience you deserve. We are committed to fulfilling your prescription needs, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case.

When you work with WIRX, you can expect:

  • Decades of experience specializing in worker’s compensation and auto pharmaceutical claims
  • Expedited prescription delivery services via local transport, usually within 24-48 hours
  • Bold customer advocacy, with fulfillment of prescriptions in open claims, pending claims, and claims involved in legal matters
  • Action-oriented team members who go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction
  • Compliance with local and state workers’ compensation and automobile laws and regulations

We do what’s right – even when other won’t.

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