The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry reported that the maximum compensation rate will increase 6.6% to $1,205 from $1,130, starting Jan. 1.

The increase is the result of a change in the state’s average weekly wage.

Injured workers in Pennsylvania typically receive indemnity benefits equal to two-thirds of the weekly wage, but the department said there are minimum and maximum adjustments required by law, and benefit rates are set using the annual maximum in place at the time of injury.

The department said the weekly compensation rate is two-thirds of the employee’s average weekly wage if the person was earning between $1,807.50 and $903.76.

If an employee’s average wage is between $903.75 and $669.44, the weekly compensation rate is $602.50.

Workers earning $669.43 or less per week are entitled to benefits equal to 90% of their average weekly wage.

More information is here.